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Sing Rui was a great volunteer here , she made an incredible amount of friendships in a short time and was extremely popular here. Someday I will go back and help with … read more cleaning big house again. What really stroke me as outstanding was that you are able to experience and learn about Korean culture first hand.

Even if i'm not so expressive about my feelings, i'm still mark by this awesome place, and i can recognize how nice and interesting this boys and girls are. Frankie is a great manager, always there to give an advice or an encouraging word.

Fortunately, the house is … read more in a place where there's lots of things to see, places to eat or shop. We miss you so much here, you were really part of the family! I am grateful to have met such amazing people from all over the world and can confidently say I made lifelong friendships through this experience. This place my korean home away from home!

Thank you so much for an amazing month in Busan. Download our free French learning app for iPhone, iPad and Android. Carol is one of the loveliest people I've ever met, then do it. If you're contemplating whether or not to volunteer here, constantly positive and so helpful to others!

Rooftop space for socializing. You will have access to many games at the café to assist you with this activity but you will be surprised at how easily you can talk with the members as they have many questions for you. Abby was always happy to help me in any way she could.
  • Laura is a headstrong and intelligent person and I would recommend her for any other work away experience; she has a good attitude to work and life and always had a smile on her face.
  • Your are a lovely Couple. Lots of Love Frankie!

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Even a walk to the grocery shop :D The area is perfect with many restaurants, karaoke bars, cafes and shops. I would reccommend this place to anyone, you're guaranteed to enjoy yourself! Laissé par le workawayer Emma pour l'hôte.

You are a beautiful girl with a beautiful mind and I think that the good and the bad experiences you are having right now will all help you to grow into an even more beautiful creature. The atmosphere of the cafe and the dorm was very relaxed and friendly. I really enjoyed talking … read more with you about all things Japanese and finding out that really all Japanese can unicycle! Fridays events are the best way to finish the week and have fun with the staff, volonteers and members.

  • I spent 2 months there and it was one of the best experiences in my life!
  • Fiona is very open … read more minded and never judged people quickly and thats a very important trait to have as people always felt very comfortable talking with her and she always came up with great new questions and ways to keep the conversation going. I have made many lifelong friends here, and it's so awesome how I now have good friends from all over the world.

We will return there, i love you in korean cute way. Then members start coming and sitting at whichever tables they feel like, and we'd chat and play games. She was always happy to do any job I asked and was dependable alone … read more and especially good in regards to our job as we are all about conversation and Bona had a lot to say; always with a smile and compassion.

Tongue Twister: A quoi manger pendant une intoxication alimentaire who knows how to hunt must know how to hunt without a dog. We love you!. The tasks I was given were great and the 5 hours I was expected to help flew by easily without me noticing.

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Also, the manager, Frankie, is amazing! Charles we miss you so much! You don't feel like working … read more there, even though it is 6h a day, it is so interesting to speak with native Koreans or even foreigners ; you don't discover only the Korean culture but also an international one! Management hi Frankie is very flexible, kind and understanding with everyone's schedule and needs, and the local Koreans were hilarious and interesting to talk to.

Benny I love you in korean cute way Founder, somewhere in between a student exchange and a very eventful vacation. Can you recommend a good restaurant nearby. This summer was great, Fluent in 3 Months. The overall vibe in both the caf and the accommodation is … read more unique, crazy and fun for me I did not even mind to go home hahaha.

My best workaway so far. Sorry for that. Laiss par le workawayer Kyla pour l'hte.

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Thanks for having me and I will come visit you guys again pretty soon. Starting a conversation in a foreign language like French can feel more difficult than doing it in your native tongue.

I miss you all.

Laiss par sauce à big mac maison workawayer Carolina pour l'hte? You will make lifetime friends and I already decided to come back as soon as I can! videmment Of course? You were a wonderful volunteer here and I was so happy to have you here; I thought maybe your quieter self wouldnt enjoy it here with all the craziness happening around you but you fit right in and were a great talker to boot.

Let me know in the comments. There are two shifts, so you can choose the one that you like the most, i love you in korean cute way.

Laiss par le workawayer Charles pour l'hte.

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It was my first time living together … read more with so many people under one roof and it was amazing. All the best Frankie x. Français French language.

Drinking is very cheap here and so many volunteers take advantage of this opportunity every night by partying but don't shy away if you aren't the partier as theres many temples and mountains to see or noraebangs to sing your heart out in.

You'll make friends for life - from all over the world. I love this place and I hope to come back next year.

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    I made some lifelong friends there.

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    Staying at this language café was a truly beautiful experience.

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